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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure you get all of your questions answered! For more detailed and location-specific information, please refer to your particular camp’s page of our website.

What is a typical day of camp like?

No two days at camp are alike. Whether you come for one week or the whole summer, it is our goal to keep our campers entertained! We strongly believe that children thrive with a schedule and routine. Below is an outline of an average day at camp.  Each activity lasts anywhere from 30-45 minutes and then we are on to something different. We know how important it is to keep our campers engaged at all times.

  • Hello Camp and Icebreakers
  • Craft Time
  • Tennis or Golf Lessons
  • Science Experiment
  • Lunch
  • Relay Races
  • Fun with Foods
  • Swimming
  • Snack
  • Goodbye Camp

Please note each camp location’s daily schedule differs slightly, especially when it comes to the schedule for golf and/or tennis lessons (where applicable).  Of course, we cannot fully capture the "vibe" of camp by just listing out activities in writing - there is so much more to our program in the way of Wacky Wednesday theme days, weekly community service projects, week-long traditions, our SMILE Band Program, precious time with our amazing camp counselors and more. Please feel free to call our office for specific camp schedules.

Is there a deadline for registration and do you allow drop-ins?

There is no official deadline to register for most of our camps. Please note however, that we cannot guarantee there will be space available as it gets closer to the summer. We do not allow drop-ins. In order to attend camp, you must sign up in advance. We are happy to accept online registrations even up to the day before the week you would like to attend, provided that space is still available.

What is included with my registration fee?

Two camp shirts!  This one-time (per summer) fee makes it possible for all of our campers to wear their camp shirts each day of the summer.  If you would like to purchase additional shirts or logo'd items, you may do so at the time of enrollment.  In addition, the registration fee covers the behind the scenes administrative work necessary to keep camp running smoothly.  Please note that should you sign up for the first time after June 1st, the registration fee increases by $10 to allow for expedited shipping of your camp shirts.

How am I eligible to pay the "Member" tuition rate for camp?

If you are an active club member of the club at which camp is hosted at both the time of registration and time of attendance, you may take advantage of the member rate.  Please note that we regularly cross-check club member lists with each of our clubs to ensure that all camp attendees have paid the appropriate amount.

For how many weeks should I enroll my child?

We pride ourselves on making sure that each week is full of variety and new activities. And therefore, no two weeks are exactly alike! The average KE Camper is with us for 75% of the summer. Whether your child comes to camp for just one week or for the entire summer, it will be a memorable and rewarding experience.

What if my child has specific food allergies?

You will have the opportunity to indicate your child’s allergies on his or her enrollment form. Your Camp Director will touch base with you by phone before camp starts if he or she has questions about your child’s allergies. Otherwise, you can speak to your Camp Director on the first day of camp and pass on any pertinent notes.

We do not serve any food with nuts and we ask that no child bring any food containing nuts to camp. We can tailor our Fun with Foods activities to eliminate anything to which your child is allergic. Please keep in mind, however, that we do not have full control over the rest of the club’s membership and staff and there is always the possibility that other people not involved with our camp may have food items on them that contain nuts. If you have any questions concerning this, please contact us before camp begins.

Can you tell me more about your swim safety procedures?

We take swim safety very seriously. All campers will be given a swim test on their first day of camp to determine their swim ability. Campers will be classified into 1 of 3 categories: Bogeys, Birdies and Eagles. All Bogeys will wear an Orange Wristband and will be limited to the Kiddie Pool (with or without a flotation device) or the Shallow End with a flotation device. All Birdies will wear a Yellow Wristband and will be limited to the Shallow End. All Eagles will wear a Green Wristband and will have access to both the Shallow and Deep Ends. The pool will be lifeguarded at all times. Our staff members are all CPR and First-Aid certified and will be supervising swim time as well. One of our staff members will remain on the pool deck while the other staff members swim in the water with the campers.

Click Here to Learn More about our Swim Safety Procedures

Are there field trips?

No.  Our program takes place on the club grounds only and we never take field trips or go off-site.

My child used plastic clubs during golf instruction - what is this all about?

SNAG (Starting New At Golf) is a proven player development program for new learners of all ages.  Some of our clubs' pros have embraced the SNAG model as a perfect way to introduce and teach golf to kids.  So, if you hear that your child has been using a plastic club during his golf lesson, do not fear!  It simply means that the the golf instructors are using this amazing teaching tool.  To learn more about SNAG, check out their website here.

Can you tell me more about Before and After-Care?

If your camp offers Before and/or After-Care, our staff will be there to supervise and interact with the campers. Please note that these times are much less structured than the regular part of the camp day and therefore, we encourage you to send your child with some books and/or games (no electronics please) if he or she is planning to stay.

What camper forms do I need to fill out and when are they due?

Every child must have a completed Household Form, Camper Information Form and Health History Form on file before he or she can attend camp. When you enroll online, you will be prompted to fill out these forms. Please follow the instructions to do so. It’s as easy as that!

**For those campers attending camps in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Wisconsin, please note that there is a one page supplement to the Health Form which must be completed by your physician. You can download this form from your camp’s page on our website. You will also be prompted to print out this form on the confirmation page of your online enrollment. Please print this page, complete it, and return to our office via fax or email. Some doctors prefer to substitute their own form for ours…this is completely acceptable.

What should my child wear to camp?

Campers should dress in comfortable clothing!  Your child will receive 2 camp shirts prior to camp.  We ask that all campers wear their camp shirt each day with shorts, socks and sneakers.  

Should you want to order additional KE Camps clothing and accessories for your child, you may do so at our Online Camp Store.  When placing orders, please note the estimated shipping times to be sure you will receive your purchase in time for the camp season.