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Frequently Asked Questions

A job with KE Camps will be one of the most unique and rewarding ones you might ever have! These questions and answers will give you some helpful insight into what our camp positions entail.

Can working at camp serve as my college internship?

Yes! Our Camp Counselor positions absolutely have the potential to serve as competitively paid internships that meet your course credit needs. Please be sure to apply on our website and contact your college advisor in advance of your interview to ask them if you can use your summer camp job as a practicum, internship or for other course credits. If so, please be prepared to share the requirements that need to be met during your second interview. If KE Camps can meet your internship requirements, your on-site Camp Director will be your field supervisor and oversee your course work. You will also be connected to a KE Camps contact at our main office in Skillman, NJ. To receive credit, you must complete the course, practicum or internship per your college's parameters and complete your summer employment.

What is the general size of a KE Camps Camp?

It depends on the specific location, however, most of our camps will have about 20 – 25 children per week. Our small size makes us unique and allows our staff members to really get to know each and every child over the course of a camp week!

Do the campers get broken into small groups by age?

Sometimes! It all depends on the number of children enrolled for any given week. We do our best to offer specialized activities based on age and skill. It may be the case, however, that you have a smaller group for a certain week of camp and then you will keep all the children (of mixed ages) together.

What is the work schedule like for a Director?

Directors are expected to be at camp every day for the full camp hours. Each camp’s dates, days of operations and hours are slightly different, so be sure to check your camp’s specific information for an idea of the summer calendar. To learn more about a week in the life of a Camp Director, click here!

Are there camp field trips?

No. Our daily schedule is so full of exciting activities that there is no need for us to leave the country club’s premises.

Is there a staff uniform?

Yes! We give each staff member 3 KE Camps T-Shirts at the beginning of the summer. You will be asked to wear your staff shirt, khaki-style shorts, socks, sneakers and a name tag each day. Female staff members may only wear one-piece bathing suits for pool time.

If you would like to have additional KE Camps items such as hats, backpacks and polo shirts, you are welcome to purchase those in our Online Camp Store.  When placing orders, please note the estimated shipping times to be sure you will receive your purchase in time for the camp season.

Can you tell me more about your hiring process?

Our hiring process starts with your completion of our staff application. Once you have submitted your online application, should we be interested in pursuing you for a summer position, we will reach out to you by phone or email to schedule a touch-base call. This first discussion will be somewhat brief and will allow us to get to know you a little bit. If we would like to move you forward to the next round, you will then be scheduled for a more formal interview to be conducted by Zoom/FaceTime when possible. Applicants for the Camp Director Position will have a third and final phone interview. We aim to make the interview process as smooth as possible and usually have a decision within 3 weeks.

Can I return to work summer after summer?

If you do a great job, of course! We think that returning staff members are very beneficial to our camp program and we love to have as many “returners” as possible.

Do I need to have golf and tennis experience?

No! As long as you are willing to participate in the lessons with the children, then you are all set. The golf and tennis professionals at each of our country clubs will provide the instruction during these lessons. Your job will be to assist.

What is the work schedule like for a Counselor?

Counselors are typically assigned 20-40 hours of work each week. Each camp’s dates, days of operation and hours are slightly different, so be sure to check your camp’s specific information for an idea of the summer calendar. Your Camp Director will assign your hours in advance of each camp week since the staff schedule will be based on the total number of children enrolled.

What type of pre-camp training is required for Directors?

All new Directors will attend our Director Orientation Weekend in Minneapolis, MN in mid-May. Following this training weekend, there will be many follow-up conversations with KE Camps and your country club to ensure that you are fully prepared for the summer ahead.