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Aquatics Policy

We take swim safety very seriously. All campers will be given a swim test on their first day of camp to determine their swim ability. Campers will be classified into 1 of 3 categories:


Wristband Color: ORANGE

Pool Access: Kiddie Pool with or without flotation device OR Shallow End (not in water above shoulders) with flotation device

Swim Test: Essentially no test – either the Parent requests that child is classified as a Bogey OR the child is unable to successfully demonstrate the activities of a Birdie 


Wristband Color: YELLOW

Pool Access: Shallow End (not in water above shoulders)

Swim Test:

  • Jump into chest-deep water from the side
  • Swim 15 yards down and 15 yards back using any stroke (Doggie Paddle does not count as a stroke)
  • Float on back for 5 seconds
  • Perform 5 bobs: camper goes underwater and comes right up 5 times in a row 


Wristband Color: GREEN

Pool Access: Shallow End and/or Deep End

Swim Test:

  • Successfully demonstrated the Birdie Swim Test
  • Jump into deep water from the side
  • Swim Back Stroke 25 yards down
  • Swim Front Crawl, Breast Stroke or Side Stroke 25 yards back
  • Tread water for 60 seconds 

The Buddy System

Campers must enter the pool with a buddy of like swimming ability and show themselves to the Director.

Every 20 minutes, campers and staff will swim to edge of pool for a buddy check and head count. (Note: In Michigan and New York, buddy checks must be performed every 15 minutes. In New Jersey, buddy checks must be performed every 10 minutes.)

Pool Supervision

The pool will be lifeguarded at all times. Our staff members are all CPR and First-Aid certified and will be supervising swim time as well. One of our staff members will remain on the pool deck while the other staff members swim in the water with the campers.

*At our camp locations in New York, Bogeys and Birdies will be restricted to water that is less than chest-level high.  If the club's shallow end is a depth such that the camper cannot stand at a point with water less than chest-high, the camper will be restricted to the kiddie pool.  This policy keeps our camp in line with New York State Department of Health Regulations for Youth Camps.


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